Raksha Polycoats Pvt. Ltd. is an ISO 9001-2008 certified company. The main business of the company is manufacture of rubber coated fabrics and inflatables (like Boats, Life jackets, Life rafts etc). The company also manufactures a few items of NBC warfare protection and detection.

Raksha Polycoats Pvt. Ltd. has major business (about 85%) with Indian Armed forces (Mainly Army and Navy). Raksha also has business with Para-military forces and National Disaster Management force. The company is closely associated with ISRO in a number of important projects.

Raksha Polycoats Pvt. Ltd. manufactures Water Tanks, Gas holder balloons for Bio-Gases as well as industrial gases.

Apart from the above the company also supplies water sports equipments such as Bananas, White Water Raft, Harakiri rides on required basis.

The company is committed to supply quality product at all times.