• Developed Satellite Recovery System in association with VSSC / ADRDE Agra
  • Developed Satellite Transportation System for ISRO, Bangalore
  • Developed High Altitude Pulmonary Odema (HAPO) bag in association with DEBEL, Bangalore (DRDO lab.)
  • Designed and developed Submarine Escape Suit for Indian Navy with DEBEL, Bangalore
  • Designed & developed landing bags for unmanned air craft with ADE, Bangalore
  • Designed & developed Floatation System for Seaking helicopter along with ADRDE, Agra
  • Developed and produced Three Color Detector Paper, Personal Decontamination Kits and Decontamination solution for NBC warfare in association with DRDE, Gwalior
  • Developed and produced “SHUDHIKA” nuclear decontamination kit along with INMAS, New Delhi
  • Design & developed multipurpose solid wheels for ROV-Daksh in association with R&DE (E), Pune