Gas Balloon

gas_baloon_1Raksha Gas Balloon is fabricated out of high tenacity polyamide fabric, coated with compatible polymer on the inside for the Gas stored, and on the outside with Hypalon for weather abrasion and UV resistance.

This Gas Balloon is collapsible, intermediate storage tank for any Industrial Gas, prior to bottling under pressure.


  • It is collapsible and very light weight and is installed hanging below the ceiling, saving valuable floor space and is tailor made to suit the available space and capacity.
  • It does not corrode (like the metal tank) and as such it is maintenance free, giving it a long trouble free life.


The Raksha Gas Balloon is the ideal replacement for conventional metal tank.


Capacity ะค (mm) L (mm) C (mm) D (mm)
5 M3 1460 3000 750 80
10 M3 2200 3000 750 80
25 M3 3050 3600 750 115
50 M3 4000 4000 1000 205
75 M3 4500 4800 1000 205
100 M3 5000 5100 1500 205

Other sizes can be manufactured to suit specific customer requirements. Please contact us for more details.Gas_Balloon