Skin Decontamination Kit “Shudhika”

skin_decontamination_kit_shudhikaA skin decontamination kit has been made for quick response during Nuclear disasters to save precious response time. The kit is user friendly and easy to use. The complete material is housed in a portable light weight case. Shudhika contains the items required for skin decontamination.

Contents of Shudhika:

  1. Liquid Soap
  2. Sterile Water
  3. HCL Solution
  4. Sodium Dicarbonate Solution
  5. Oxalic Acid Solution
  6. Citric Acid Solution
  7. Cotton Applicator
  8. Surgical Cotton Pads/Rolls
  9. Masking Tape
  10. Marker Pens
  11. Brushes with soft bristles
  12. Triangular Bandages, Sterile
  13. Eye Pads, Sterile
  14. Paraffin gauze dressing
  15. Swabs 7.5cm X 7.5cm (pack of 200)
  16. Crepe Bandages
  17. Water Proof Bandages
  18. Nail Brushes
  19. Nasal Catheter
  20. Certain other specialized items and chemicals