Life Jackets Auto Inflatable

Auto_inflatable_Life_JacketRaksha Life Jackets Auto Inflatable are made out of High Tenacity Neoprene coated Nylon Fabric. The joints are made with high quality polychoroprence adhesive. The important feature of this Life Jacket is its double buoyancy chamber and automatic inflation with the help of two small gas cylinders. In addition, normal mouth inflation arrangement is also provided.


Color : Bright Orange
Size : Naval Type Air Crew Type
Overall Length 775 cms 535 cms
Width at Top 460 cms 490 cms
Width at Bottom 460 cms 490 cms
Buoyancy : 20 Kgs (min)
Weight : 1Kg
  1. One side Neoprene coated Nylon Fabric
  2. High quality Nylon thread
  3. One inch broad blue color Nylon Webbing
  1. Each Life Jacket is packed in a pouch
  2. 50 Nos are packed in a cardboard box for easy handling and transportation.
Marking :  Mfg. By Raksha Polycoats Pvt. Ltd., Pune (India):  Mfg. Date::  Sr. No.: